A plethora of possibilities, in the small space of a casual and everyday wallet!

The "Everyday Act" is a new combination of props and ideas that you can carry anytime, anywhere, and always be ready to perform in a natural manner, without extra bulk in your pockets.

The "Minimal Wallet" is without a doubt one of the best wallets for everyday use, in which you can do loads, steals, secret writing, peeks and more thanks to the wonderful SUC methodology (with full blessing from the original SUC creator, Mark Strivings)

And inside your new wallet you can keep the your Everyday Wooden  and PSI Member Card  as daily items to create even more possibilities.

These are the original prices for these props:
Minimal Wallet ($75)

but in the "Everyday Act" you will get everything PLUS an exclusive eBook with MORE routines to keep in your wallet just for $120 with WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

In the exclusive eBook you will learn:

1. Original "Everyday Wooden" eBook content

2. Original PSI Member Card eBook content

3. Safe Bet: Not only a "named card in wallet" that you WILL use, but is a mini course in communicational skills for mystery performers. Imagine using a simple procedure, in which your participant will feel that his choices were 100% free, still you are able to predict his final decision.

4. Two-Bet: A new simple and casual way to cover two-way outs

5. Credit Peek: A new DIY device that you can keep in your wallet and use to peek a full business card

With your purchase you will receive

1. Minimal Wallet
2. Everyday Wooden Set
3. PSI Member Card
4. Exclusive eBook 

 Pablo Amira's wonderful 'Minimal Wallet' is what I personally carry now (and I did not use a wallet in 40 years)
Complete bill compartment, places for cards, etc. 
 Good job!
Mark Strivings

This well-made wallet gets back to basics and lets this handsomely made wallet focus on doing just what a mentalist needs to do...definitely recommended if this meets your style and needs.

I got the wallet and I am absolutely happy with it! 
Wojciech Glanc 

I love the Minimal Wallet, using it as my everyday wallet (it is lovely just for that) and have by now developed several routines making good use of it. 
Great job , recommending it to everyone
Timon Krause

I have quite a collection of magic wallets. It really is so slim that I can imagine using this as my everyday wallet
Love it!
Ian Barker

The Minimal Wallet is one of the nicest wallets out there for the active Mentalist.
The workmanship is wonderful and array of effects will make you wonder why you did not get this sooner!
R Lee Davis 

Got my wallet few days ago, and has been using it happily since that!   
I used to neglect the power of the SUC, such a humble but powerful setting helping creating limitless of miracle, allowing p**k, l**ding and the limit is only your imagination. 
Lee Siu Tak 

The Minimal Wallet immediately became my everyday wallet. 
The quality of the wallet is great, and SUC principle is simple yet extremely powerful.
Tony Zhong 

(about Safe Bet) You have done a good job of clearly explaining the 'flow' of the eq*****e" 
Luke Jermay 

 (about Safe Bet) This is a very well written routine and what I like most is the choreography. Pablo has created around the eq*****e. 
Well done my friend!
Luca Volpe
• • •